Glock Holsters Made from Kydex

Glock Holsters Made from Kydex

The Glock is one of the most popular handguns in the world. Made with very high quality, they are sold in a lot of countries worldwide. Any great pistol deserves an equally great holster. Are you looking for Glock holsters that are stylish, durable, lightweight, and stable? Then you just might consider getting a Kydex holster. What’s the big deal with this product, and what are the different things it can bring into the table?

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Kydex is a type of thermoplastic that is used for all kinds of purposes. Since being made by its trademark owner Kydex LLC, this material has found its way in a variety of items ranging from cargo lining and safety helmets to exhaust systems and equipment housings. This is made possible by its unique structure. This material is a combination of acrylic and polyvinyl chloride. This combination is responsible for most of the intrinsic properties of this material.


Properties that Glock holsters made from Kydex have


1. Toughness- Kydex is known for its toughness. With high measured hardness and modulus of elasticity values, this material has very high levels of strength, which gives materials made from it impeccable durability. You’ll know that this holster would be ready for the rough-and-tumble nature of wielding a heavy-duty handgun.

2. Fit- One of the best things about these holsters is how it snugly holds your pistol in place. This presents a ton of advantages for the gun owner. Of course, this would keep your weapon securely in place. In addition, drawing and storing can both be done in a near-seamless fashion.

3. Light Weight- If you can get a hold of one of these in person, you’ll be surprised on how light these products are. Actually, these materials have less mass than conventional materials such as leather. Lightness can become a major advantage for those who carry around their guns for long periods.

4. Durability- Its superb hardness gives it an edge when it comes to durability. But beyond that, it is also highly resistant to both water and chemicals. And unlike leather, it’s never prone to shrinking even after long-term use.

5. Price- Lastly, buying Glock holsters made from Kydex is much more affordable than buying leather holsters. This is because the price of Kydex material (as well as the effort used in making them) is much lower than those made with leather. For those on a budget, this sure sounds like a great deal.

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